Eladi choornam is an ayurvedic medicine that helps stop itching as it helps protect the skin from harmful particles. It can be used as part of ayurvedic treatment for boils such as acne and pimples. It helps to flush out toxins from the skin since it is an ayurvedic medicine for skin allergy itching. It is a helpful ayurvedic medicine for skin rashes and itching that many people suffer from. It is an ayurvedic medicine for skin rashes since it provides relief from rashes and helps clear up your skin. It is helpful as complementary ayurvedic medicine for insect bite since it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

There are so many skin conditions that it can become difficult to self-diagnose. However, diagnosis is the first step for treating the particular problem and so consulting a dermatologist is a good start. This is especially the case if the skin problem is getting out of hand. You should at least find out the causes so that you can ensure the problem doesn’t get worse.

Ingredient list

The eladi choornam for face is gentle and ensures that it helps heal any skin problems that already exist. For example, it can be used as ayurvedic medicine for boils. It is specially formulated to ensure it removes impurities, clears your skin, helps make it baby soft, and helps your skin get a beautiful natural glow. The following are some of the ingredients and their benefits that help make the eladi choornam a necessary addition to your ayurvedic choornams.


Helps balance vata and kapha dosha
Improves skin complexion
Helps promote skin health
Helps to flush out toxins
Has antibacterial properties
Has antiseptic properties
Has anti-inflammatory properties

Helps soften skin
Reduces the effects of sun damage
Has antibacterial properties
Helps clear skin
Has anti-inflammatory properties
Reduces skin aging problems
Stimulates collagen production

Has antimicrobial properties
Has anti-ageing properties
Helps expedite skin healing
Helps rejuvenate cells
Has anti-inflammatory properties
Helps soothe skin
Helps make skin glow naturally
Causes of wrinkles, dull skin, skin rashes and itchy skin

There are various skin problems and some of the most common problems along with their causes are as below.

Wrinkles have many causes and some of the most common ones are as below:

Sun exposure leads to wrinkles and crow feet.
As you age, skin becomes gentler and loses its elasticity which causes wrinkles.
Facial expressions that you hold for a long time can cause wrinkles.
Dry skin can lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
Smoking can cause wrinkles in people of any age.
Sugar can lead to premature skin aging.
Not getting enough sleep can cause wrinkles.
Dull skin causes are as follows:

Dehydrated skin leads to dull-looking skin.
Stress causes the skin to look dull and lifeless.
Sleep deprivation can lead to dull skin.
Unhealthy eating habits can lead to dull skin.
Environmental factors can lead to dull skin.
Not exfoliating your skin regularly leads to dull skin.
Putting on too much makeup can affect your skin by making it appear dull.
Skin rashes causes are as follows:

Certain medications such as antibiotics can cause skin rashes to develop.
* Allergies can lead to skin rashes.
* Infections such as candidiasis can lead to skin rashes.
* Skin reactions can lead to skin rashes.
* Autoimmune disorders can lead to skin rashes.
* Chemical burns can cause skin rashes.
* If certain chemical products are ingested then they can lead to skin rashes.
* Itchy skin has many causes and some of them are as follows:

* Pregnancy can lead to itchy skin.
* Nerve disorders can cause itchy skin.
* Certain diseases can cause you to have itchy skin.
* Dry skin can cause itchy skin.
* Anxiety can lead to skin that itches.
* Allergy can cause itchy skin to develop.
* Depression is another cause of itchy skin.
* Ayurveda’s view on skin problems

Ayurveda takes a unique approach to skin problems. According to Ayurveda, your inner health is responsible for the health problems you have. The three doshas; vata, pitta, and kapha, determine your personal traits. Any skin problem you have is not just because you are not taking care of your outer skin, it is because there is an imbalance internally. When any of the doshas go out of control, they can affect the other doshas and make them out of control too. When you are internally healthy, then you won’t have any skin problems. The key is to balance the doshas and then everything just falls into place.

There are three doshas and people can have skin that is closer to one dosha or a mix of doshas. People with vata skin type have thin skin that is prone to fine lines and signs of aging. People with vata type skin have skin that is sensitive and are prone to have issues during dry weather. People with pitta type skin have higher chances of breakouts and can easily get rashes. Moreover, people with pitta skin type have moles and freckles. Those with kapha skin type have oily skin type and they have pimples and other pore-related skin issues. People with kapha skin type are less likely to get damaged by the sun rays quickly when compared to the other doshas.

People with vata skin type should focus on hydrating products that help to prevent skin aging. These people should drink warm water so they are hydrated. Getting a sufficient amount of rest is important for vata skin type. In addition, eating green vegetables and consuming whole grains is beneficial to balance vata. For people with pitta skin type, they should focus on getting delicate products that won’t be too harsh on their skin. Pitta skin type people should avoid any type of hot foods. Cooling spices should be used when preparing food such as fennel. Pitta skin type people should use cleansing products too.

People with kapha skin type have excess ama. Hence, for this skin type, a detoxifying product is necessary. Exfoliation is a must for people with these skin types. Kapha skin type people should cook with spices that are warm in nature such as black pepper. Exercising is said to be beneficial and can impact the skin too. Consuming fruits and loads of vegetables will be beneficial for people with kapha skin type. Ayurveda makes it clear that people’s skin type can change according to external factors. Hence, the approach should then be changed accordingly. Instead of just one aspect, many factors should be taken into account when looking for a solution.


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