Kumkumadi tailam or Kumkumadi oil is an amazing ayurvedic concoction of herbs that acts as a magical remedy for uplifting skin health and treating various skin issues. This oil, which can also be used as a moisturiser is suitable for almost all skin types specifically for sensitive or dry flaky skin. A wonderful blend of plant, flower, fruit, and milk extracts, make this tailam or oil a wholesome beauty product that aims towards lightening the complexion, diminishing various signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, spots, pimples, blemishes, and effectively treating skin infections and conditions like hyperpigmentation, allergy, eczema, etc.

Take the sun-dried powdered form of each of the herbs used for decoction.

Boil the herbs used for making kwath in a suitable quantity of water until 1/4th of the liquid remains in the vessel.

Filter the decoction and keep it aside.

Take the herbs required for making kalka and make a paste of it using water.

Mix the kalka paste along with sesame oil, goat’s milk and the decoction kept aside in the vessel.

Boil this mixture until the water part evaporates and only the oil remains behind.

Prepare a tincture of saffron and rose water and mix this with the oil.

Cool it down and preserve it in a glass bottle.

The magical Kumkumadi tailam is ready for use.


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