An Original Blend Of 22 Exotic Ayurvedic Herbs Blended In Pure Coconut Oil Since 1934

Ramtirth Brahmi Oil is prepared scientifically from pure cocont oil and 22 exotic Ayurvedic Herbs. It is excellent for dandruff, brain sound

sleep, cooling the system and for body massage.It helps control hair fall. Now exported widely to many countries of the world.

Each 100ml of oil contains :

Cocount oil q.s.
Dudhi 6.355 gm
Lemon 2.098 gm
Kothmir Leaves 1.411 gm
Amla 0.228 gm
Vaj Roots 0.189 gm
Gulab 0.152 gm
Volo Roots 0.113gm
Kachura 0.113 gm
Brahmi 0.113 gm
Bhangaro 0.113 gm
Kapurkachali 0.076 gm
Nagormoth 0.076 gm
Damaro 0.022 gm
Nagod 0.022 gm
Anantmool 0.016 gm
Marvo 0.016 gm
Sahadevi 0.012 gm
Gahula 0.008 gm
Shankupushpi 0.008 gm
Padopandadi 0.008 gm
Bavachi 0.008 gm
Sitalchini 0.003 gm


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